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The Société de Linguistique de Paris (SLP) is a French learned society founded in 1864 and dedicated to scientific research in linguistics. It meets monthly from March to June and from November to December, organises annual research days and publishes a journal, the Bulletin de la Société de Linguistique (BSL), and linguistic works in several different collections (see below).

Most of the SLP's sessions and research days are held in French. However, you can submit articles to the BSL in French or in English. As well as this homepage you will also find an English version of the the BSL page with instructions for submission.
News and Events

Next session of the SLP: 15 April, Sékou COULIBALY will be presenting: “Le système tonal du minyanka”. Hybrid session. N.B. The session will take place at ENS, 45 rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris.

Next research day of the SLP is the 17th June 2023: "L’applicatif dans les langues : Regard typologique". The detailed programme is available here (in French).

You can now download the PDFs of the three works published in the Editions of the SLP for free on the Éditions page.

The latest work published in the Collection linguistique of the SLP is out: “L'exclamation en grec ancien”, published by Michèle Biraud, Camille Denizot and Richard Faure, available here.

The latest work published in the Éditions de la SLP is out: “De la transcatégorialité dans les langues,” published by Danh-Thành Do-Hurinville, Huy-Linh Dao and Annie Rialland, available here.

Monthly sessions

The SLP holds seven sessions per year. At each session, a prominent linguist presents their work to members of the society. Topics cover all subfields of linguistics, from historical and comparative linguistics to phonology, syntax and semantics and from descriptive and field linguistics to natural language processing. Meetings are held on Saturdays from March to June and from November to December from 5pm to 7pm, generally at the Sorbonne within the ÉPHÉ premises.

More information here.

Research days

Once a year in January, the SLP holds a research day on a topical theme. Research presented appears in the annual Mémoires de la Société de Linguistique de Paris, published once a year.

More information here.

How the association works

On this site you will find the details of the statutes and rules and regulations of the SLP, as well as the make-up of the board, which is renewed each year.

Members and membership

Information concerning becoming a member of the SLP, paying subscription fees and updating your email and postal address can be found on this page. All members up to date with their membership fees receive the Bulletin (the two volumes are sent together).

History of the SLP

The Société Linguistique de Paris is an old association, dating back to the 1860s. On this site, you will find a brief overview of its history, the statutes and extracts of the rules and regulations from 1866, the rules and regulations from 1964, the first BSL as well as the list of the SLP's secretaries and presidents.