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Bulletin de la Société de Linguistique de Paris (BSL)

Each year, the Société de Linguistique de Paris publishes a journal, the BSL (Bulletin de la Société de Linguistique de Paris) in two volumes. The first volume is dedicated to scientific articles and is edited by Daniel Petit, secretary of the SLP. The second volume is dedicated to book reviews and is edited by Camille Denizot and Jacques François, the SLP's librarians. Members of the SLP who have paid their annual subscription receive both volumes. The tables of contents of volume 1 of the BSL from issue number 51 to the present day can be viewed on this page.

Submission of scientific articles to volumne 1 of the BSL

You can submit an article to the Bulletin at any time by sending it by email to the following address: . You can now submit artices in French or in English.

Sending books to the SLP for review in the Bulletin

Authors who would like to receive a book review should have their publisher send their book to the SLP's address:

Société de Linguistique de Paris
Le Bibliothécaire
EPHE, IVe Section
45-47, rue de Écoles
F-75005 Paris

Handing over of books to SLP members carrying out book reviews

Books are either handed over directly during meetings or are sent by post to members who cannot attend meetings.

Sending books reviews

Book reviews must reach the SLP's librarians by June so that the proofs can be corrected in September/October and the book review in appear in the BSL in December. The address is the same as the one indicateed above.